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Neil Dorward MA BD - Director


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About us

Bespoke Civil Ceremonies is the leading Civil Funeral Ceremony company in Scotland and was established in 2005. We have grown as a company by maintaining high standards and by word of mouth reputation.

In the last 12 years, we have established a first class reputation for delivering passionate funeral ceremonies that leave people feeling,‘that was the best funeral I have ever been at’. We give families the exact funeral service they want for their loved ones. We are consistently rated as the best in the business and have the highest standards in the whole of Scotland.

Neil is the only Funeral Celebrant in Scotland who is accredited by the Professional Speaking Association and the only Funeral Celebrant in Scotland with a Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy. He has further demonstrated a proficency in on-going personal development and training and runs a highly sought after 3 day taining course to train new celebrants.Neil is the only celebrant in Scotland who is qualified to teach new students.

We are positively different because only Civil Funerals can tailor make a funeral according to your needs wishes and desires. Only civil funerals offer you the choice of saying;

"We wish our funeral ceremony to be religious, semi religious or non religious".

We do not object to hymns, prayers and reference to life after death. It is your beliefs and values that are most important, not ours.

One of the main aims of Bespoke Civil Ceremonies is to create a new vision of how funerals should be celebrated. We have created the standards of excellence that give families the funeral they deserve.

Being a Civil Funeral Celebrant is a job for passionate people, creative writers, eloquent speakers and for people who want to assist families through the bereavement process. It is a wonderful job, our feedback from families and Funeral Directors who use us is second to none. Quiet simply we are very good at our job of helping families mark what is the last public act in your loved ones life. Your loved one deserves the best and that is why Bespoke Civil Ceremonies are here.

To give a sense of occasion and reverance to the funeral service of your loved one, Neil is more than happy to wear a black kilt with purple piping, black jacket and purple cravat on the day of the funeral.

However, if you would prefer Neil to be dressed in a business suit, that is not a problem. Just let us know and we shall be more than happy to accomodate your wishes.