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Baby Naming

Baby Naming Ceremonies

A Baby Naming Ceremony is an increasingly popular ceremony to mark the birth of your child and, a marvellous occasion to bring family and friends together to celebrate the birth and naming of your beloved child.

What is a Baby Naming Ceremony?

Just wanted to say a huge thank you Neil. Many people said how much they enjoyed the ceremony and particularly the way you presented it. - Rachel and Dave

Civil Baby Naming Ceremonies are an exciting way to welcome a baby into the world and can take place in your family home or any suitable venue such as a hotel. These unique celebrations mark the birth and naming of your child in a wonderful way.

Neil will design a celebration to fit your beliefs and values and help you choose the music, words and moments to mark this special day. During the ceremony adult friends and relations will be invited to declare their intentions to be supportive adults who will help the child grow and develop over the forthcoming years.

The uniqueness of Baby Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies cross all religious and national boundaries. The tradition of embracing a new life as part of the community began in ancient times. The gift of new life is just one of many significant milestones in life that we like to celebrate and the arrival of a new baby and the gift of new life is one such time.

Civil Baby Naming Ceremonies are growing in popularity because, they can be held in any location that is special to you, such as a hotel, a garden or even in your own home. These events are extra special because Bespoke Civil Ceremonies can tailor make the ceremony according to your beliefs and wishes.

How to arrange a baby naming ceremony?

When you contact us, a meeting will be arranged to create your unique ceremony that will contain meaningful readings, special promises to the child, music, statements of your hopes for your child’s future and so on. You can create the special Ceremony that you have always wished for your child upon their birth into this world.

It should be noted that Civil Baby Naming Ceremonies hold no legal status and are not an alternative to a birth certificate.

What does a typical Baby naming Ceremony look like ?

1. Welcome to the child
The birth of a child is a proud moment for the parents. Family, friends and neighbours also share the joy of your child’s birth. The Baby Naming Ceremony will have uniquely created words of welcome and introduction.

2. Reading/ Reflection/ Poem/music – of your choosing or from our special collection

3. Announcing the name of the child
The choice of name is important because a name is something you have thought carefully about. This part of the ceremony declares the child’s name and there is an option for parents to explain the reason and significance of the name. This new baby exists as a unique individual - with a name that has meaning.

4. Hope for the future – parents can create their own hope and wishes for their child or they can choose from our collection of beautiful hopes, wishes and dreams.

5. Promises of commitment to the child
Parents, supportive adults/ sponsors and grandparents can now declare their promises to the child. The adults who are chosen to take part in the ceremony are usually close to the parents. This is the core of the community that the new baby belongs to. These are the adults who will share and shape the future of the child. Being asked to participate in these ceremonies is an honour, and a commitment.

6. Option of additional readings, poems, reflections or music

7. Option of providing a gift for the child and explain the significance of the gift

8. Closing remarks and announcements

9. Issuing of Baby naming Certificate

Remember....... the great privilege!
For thousands of years, in most communities, children have been welcomed and named. Remember, all those who take part in a Baby Naming Ceremony are following a tradition that goes back to the dawn of mankind. The parents, sponsors and supportive adults are the recipients of a special honour and carry a special responsibility to share in the nurturing of this new life.

The Ceremony

A Baby Naming Ceremony will last around 15-25 minutes and the Ceremony can be written from scratch just for you. It may contain special readings, poems, music, promises and so forth. You can, if you like, make a speech about your new baby's name and what it means to you. Why not invite friends and family to be ‘supportive adults’ or ‘sponsors’ for your child? Grand-parents too can be involved.

The occasion also gives parents the opportunity to make promises as to how the child will be brought up, and offers them the joy of having family and friends witnessing this special celebration.

Note that if a family wishes a small religious item within the ceremony, such as a prayer or religious reading, then we will be happy to accommodate your particular wishes