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Baby Naming

Baby Naming Ceremonies - Tips

A Baby Naming Ceremony is an increasingly popular ceremony to mark the birth of your child and, a marvellous occasion to bring family and friends together to celebrate the birth and naming of your beloved child.

The most popular place to hold a ceremony is in your own home, although if you want to invite a large number of people you could look at hiring a room in a hotel.

Make sure people know this is a celebration with a purpose, ensure people arrive for the ceremony on time, rather than thinking they can just pop in, so that your ceremony goes ahead without interruption.

Just like a Christening, a baby naming ceremony does not replace the need to register your baby’s birth. This must be done within 21days of the birth in Scotland and 42 days in England and Wales.

The phrase ‘godparents’ is not usually used in a baby naming ceremony, since the ceremony is non religious or semi religious. Other options include: sponsor, mentor, supporter, supporting adult.

Do no worry about children being distracted, laughing or moving around. Neil has invaluable experience to cope with just about any situation!

In addition to music, readings, poems etc that you have chosen yourself or from the extensive samples that Bespoke Civil Ceremonies can provide for you, we will supply you will a beautiful collection of readings and poems to keep.