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Civil Funeral Ceremonies - Specialist Funerals

Your Celebrant Neil Dorward has invaluable experience with difficult and specialist funerals such as; funerals for babies, those who have taken their own lives and those who have died as a result of unlawful killing. Your needs and wishes will be paramount so that the funeral is conducted in accordance with your will.

Specialist Funerals

1. Ceremonies for babies and children

If anyone is a lover of gardens, they will know that, even within a beautiful garden tended by the most skillful botanist, there is occasionally a rose that buds, but never fully opens. In all respects this rose is like all the other roses in its charm and smile, but something keeps that particular rose from blooming to full adult maturity. The death of a baby or child is like one such beautiful rose that budded but never fully opened in all its splendour on this side of earth.

2. Ceremonies for those who have taken their own lives

Love can be revealed and displayed in many ways. It has been said, that when an individual takes their own life it is, strangely, just another way of showing love. Sadly, this does not remove the pain for those who are left behind.

Suicide is often seen as something that happens to other families; not mine. It can trigger huge 'What if's and 'If only's' among those who are left to cope. Many people who are considering suicide often send out misleading signals that are difficult (for us) to read. One such signal may even be love. This still leads us to ask; "Why?" , "Why did you do this to me?

Didn't you know I loved you?" The truth is that those who take their own life are not out to hurt you, their intention is to hurt themselves. Of course, that pains us, too.

3. Death as a result of serious crime

The death of an individual as a result of murder, manslaughter or unlawful killing is truly devastating. It can be argued that there is no cure for the survivors after such trauma. Lives are tragically changed forever. Nothing in life can prepare us for the murder or unlawful killing of a loved one. However, survivors can find help and share their sorrow and loss. Many survivors have constructed new lives with a renewed sense of purpose. It is a sad and widely held misconception that the crime of murder or unlawful killing leaves behind no victims; often the most devastated victims are the survivors. Can you and I do anything to help survivors? Yes we can.

- Stay in constant touch
- Allow people to repeat information and stories
- Be honest yet, allow survivors to make their own choices
- Listen-listen-listen and be non-judgmental
- Ask about the victim and always use the victim's name
- Allow the expression of anger-rage-frustration
- Encourage expression of sadness: tears are healing
- Offer assistance; practical, emotional or financial
- Give special attention to surviving children
- Offer "after-support" , after the funeral, after the trial, after the 1st year.....

A booklet on the above Specialist Funerals is available upon request.