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A Service of Thanksgiving for
the life, love and faith of

Jim Hutchison

27th December 1927 -
22nd September 2007


Jim Hutchison was born in Dundee 27th December 1927, spent his early years in Lochee, moving from there to Hilltown for a while and then moving to Kirkton before retiring to Clepington. Jim was the eldest of 5 children with 2 brothers and 2 sisters, Alex, Cathy, Rose and John. He started his school years at St. Peters and Paul Primary School and then moving on to St. John’s secondary.

Jim’s working life began with the call to National Service where served in Egypt, although he was called just at the end of the war. He went from there to working with the Carnegie Builders, then onto working a while with his own father and from there to the busses. Jim was one of the first to drive the new style busses, his route was the Douglas to Charlestown Route No. 28/29. He went from there to working for the Electricity Board in the power station and there he worked until he retired in 1983 due to poor health.

Jim used to go to the dancing at The Locarno Ball Room and it was there in 1949 that he met Elizabeth Duncan, Betty of course as you all know her today, they met on the dance floor and it all happened from there. They continued with their dancing and sometimes went to the movies and then on the 24th March 1951 they were married. In September 1952 came the arrival of their 1st child James followed by Kathleen in 1957 and Alma-Rose in 1963.

His children all say they have absolutely wonderful memories of their childhood years, Jimmy remembers his dad taking him to his first football match, Kathleen with many, many happy hours spent in the budgie shed with her dad and she remembers begging for a long time until dad gave in and gave her own first ever budgie, snow white, hence being called Snowie. She would only have been about 7 at the time, but not too many months into ownership, Snowie left via an open window and Kathleen remembers crying for ages. Jimmy and Kathleen also have amazing memories of heading off on the bus route with their dad.

In 1971 Jimmy spread his wings and flew the coupe and he moved down south, where he still resides near his daughter Caroline and his granddaughter, Rhianna. Caroline has many happy memories of summer holidays spent with Jim and Betty. Kathleen then spread her wings in 1974, leaving just Alma-Rose at home to get all the attention until in 1983, when she got married and then away she went then too. But home life must have been very good because both the girls returned home again after that for a while with their husbands, while they were between houses. Alma-Rose's husband also called Jimmy said he was lucky enough to have Jim as a father-in-law for many years and NEVER a cross word between them.  Alma-Rose remembers going runs with her parents in the car, as many people didn’t have cars in those days it really was quiet a privilege to be able to do that.

In 1983 Kathleen gave Jim and Betty their first and only grandson Ben which was the beginning of a whole new chapter for Jim and Betty because as the other grandchildren arrived, Ashley in 1987, Melanie in 1988 and Rebecca in 1993, they became the resident baby sitters. The grandchildren also have great memories of going off to places like Broughty Ferry, Arbroath and Camperdown but to name a few. As a mater of fact Rebecca found one of her old note books just recently and it reads “I’m Rebecca, I’m 7 and my granddad keeps cuddling me again and again and again”. He was a man who was just so proud of his grandchildren.

Jim absolutely loved his allotment, he grew nothing but the best of all sorts of vegetables, and he grew flowers that few could match, as a matter of fact if you look at the cover of the service sheet that picture of Jim was taken with some of his trophies for his garden. He was a man who just would not use weed killers, insecticides or anything of the likes, which would have made Jim an organic gardener albeit we didn’t really hear about organic away back then. His family all have memories of the windows in the house covered in tomatoes, as he picked them from the plants and vines to stop them growing any bigger and of course then placing them on window sills and places that would get direct sunlight to ripen them.

He was full of life and outgoing, he was the life and soul of the party where ever he went, he loved to watch his football and his wrestling on the television, his children and grandchildren have both got hilarious memories of him watching the wrestling because all you’d hear form Jim while it was on was a series of “oohs” and “ahhs”, you could try to speak but he got so engrossed in the television he wouldn’t hear a word you were saying.

Now Jim had a pal, called Jim Smith and together they were right into making their home brew and the comic of this was quiet simple, neither of them ever had the patience to wait while it matured, so they would take in about it, well I don’t think I have to tell you the outcome of drinking this stuff to soon, needless to say you didn’t need a lot of it and you were well oiled. On one occasion Jim decided he was ready to ride a bicycle when he’d had some, and a kids bike at that, the outcome of that is he arrives back with his trousers ripped to pieces and did it bother him? Not one bit in the least.

His friend Jim Smith described Jim as a gracious man, he was never a man to gossip or judge anyone, he was a great neighbour, a practical man, willing, ready and able to tackle all sorts of jobs for his family, friends and neighbours, anything from fixing a washing machine to sorting a door or building in wardrobes, to wall papering. Alma-Rose told me of one occasion when she came into her dads house and was looking at the newly decorated room and thinking “what’s wrong with this and then she noticed the entire room of wallpaper had been hung upside down, now that is what happens when you come in off a nightshift and set straight to work.

I’ve already said how he was an amazing singer and music would appear to be a talent that he has passed on through the generations to his family because as we have seen and heard here today, there are some beautiful singers and musician now among his grand children.

His 3 kids all have wonderful memories of going off to Arbroath with Dad and Jim Smith picking the whelks, and they have vivid memories of the whelks clicking away in the boot of the car on the journey home.

Holidays consisted of trips to Blairgowrie or Alyth with the tent or some times to his sister’s static caravan in Blairgowrie, but I think the rule was if you went to the static, you had to be willing to go berry picking.

As a dad, Jim had a great balance between stern and spoiling with his own 3 children, and then as a granddad, well he was firm but man did he delight in spoiling his grandchildren, but I dare say that is what a granddad is for.

His family just love the way Jim liked the simple things in life: his dancing and singing, a drink when he was a younger man and his garden, his plants and his flowers, and the way he loved and cared for his family and friends.

Jim Hutchison

Jim and his gardening trophies



Thank you Jim

Thank you for all the good times and the happy memories                                

Thank you for your years of hard work and what you have taught your family about life

Thank you for all your quiet loving ways and your kindness

And thank you most of all Jim for just being you

You have filled your niche in this world and accomplished your tasks

And you leave this world and all of us richer, because of you.

Jim Hutchison

Your life we honour

Your departure we accept

Your memory we cherish

In grief at your death 

But in gratitude for your life

We are truly grateful for the privilege of having shared life with you

Rest now at the end of your days

Your work is done

Rest in the hearts and minds of all who love you

And if we can learn from his experience                                                                           

And profit from his example

Perhaps we can live better lives for having known Jim