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A Service of Thanksgiving for
the life, love and faith of

Myra Dall

Date of Service
Monday 21st January 2008

at Kirkcaldy Crematorium



Myra Dall

Myra was born in this very town of Kirkcaldy on 29th January 1968, which means of course it would have been the big 40 in a few days time. Not that Myra would have wanted a fuss and some great big surprise party. That wasn’t her scene anymore. Sure in days gone by she did the partying thing, she had her rebellious streak when she was younger. But in recent years Myra was very content just to be at home with her family, provided Chris wasn’t upsetting her routines too much while he was on holiday. Otherwise he would have been on the end of another tongue lashing, to which of course he would just laugh. No party days, great big 40th celebrations – these were not for Myra anymore.

Sure when she was the young teenager she liked walking about with her Toyah Wilcox badges pinned to her school coat and like everyone else, I suppose, she went through the phase of strutting her stuff at Bentley’s, jumping on cars for a laugh, knocking back a few Bacardi’s and just being the typical teenager. But the real Myra in recent years was much more content with home life, looking after the boys, running after her pals and being the boss of Linda and Steven, sitting with her fag and her coffee asking Chris what rubbish he was watching on the telly that night.

Because I have heard the rumour that Myra wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and tell you what she thought. Some people have said that it was often a case of Myra’s way or the highway. She was the gaffer there was no doubt about that. Linda and Steven will both vouch for that one and could tell you a few tales about their big sister. I won’t go into the full gory details but Linda has made scurrilous accusations that her big sister used to beat her up when she was young, while Steven makes a similar claim. That when he came along both his big sisters beat him up because they wanted another little sister not an annoying little brother. But that’s family life for you. I don’t suppose they were different from most families really. So Ok she liked to think she was the boss of her brother and sister and she would get grassed up by her little sister to the teachers if she was caught smoking in the toilets at school but she was just a typical and ordinary lass Myra. Had loads of pals, enjoyed her music, enjoyed playing her hockey at school for a while and had her own hopes and dreams when she left the school – which in Myra’s case was to become a hairdresser.

She was alright was Myra. She maybe didn’t get all the breaks she deserved in life but thankfully she had a good twelve/thirteen years with Chris. They enjoyed each others company and were good together even though his workmates slagged him off for his bath being all ready for him when he came home from work. They were just jealous. Myra and Chris were very content in each other company and he could laugh at all the times when she was crabbit and laugh at the times Chris would annoy her; when he woke her up every morning with a kiss on the cheek, only if she didn’t get up it was fifty kisses on the cheek until she did get up. Myra was happy being a mum and a wife that’s where she found her greatest happiness in life – with Allan, Rhys and Chris. Oh yes no of them ever wanted to get on the wrong side of her or before you knew it, that tongue that could cut steel from ten metre away was out giving you what for but deep down she was a good mum, who lived for her boys, who never asked for a lot for herself in life, who made sure her boys had everything they wanted in life and who enjoyed taking one day at a time not worrying about too much because what is for you will not go by you – that is what she believed.

I am sure she thought that when her dad passed away four years ago. As sad as it was Myra had a spiritual belief that death was not the end and that she would meet her dad one day in the spirit world. That was the sort of thing you could talk to Myra about. She was in fact a very good listener and was good with the advice.- in many ways she was and always will be the big sister who looked out for the family. I know her mum Myra was saying that she feels blessed to have had such a beautiful daughter who was kind and caring like that and was a good friend to a lot of people. And for that and many more reasons she will be sadly missed.

We’ll miss her for being that person you could chat to and rely upon. We’ll miss her for her advice and how she could encourage you to do things you were maybe unsure as to whether to do. We’ll miss her for wicked sense of humour that used to take the rip out of Chris, often for weeks at a time. We’ll miss her for all the times she ran away when the camera came out and how she hated getting her photo taken – even on her wedding day. We’ll miss her for the laughs like the time she went to her pals wedding only there were two wedding receptions in the same hotel and she went to the wrong one – but to Myra’s credit she was at that reception mixing with all the guests, chatting away to everyone quite the thing before the penny dropped and she moved on to the real wedding reception.

She was the kind of girl who once you met the once you’ll never forget. And even though there is a great emptiness in Chris, Allan and Rhys they know that Myra will never be far away from them; in their hearts, their thoughts and their storytelling and every time they no doubt see a tiger or a Betty Boop. She’ll never be that far away from us really because that is one of the greatest things about love, it never dies.


Songs played at Myra's service

Simply The Best – Tina Turner

Meatloaf - ‘I’ll do anything for love’

Bad Boy - Cascada



Myra Dall

Myra as we knew her and loved her


Myra's message to Chris, Allan and Rhys

Please do not feel guilty it was just my time to go. I know that you are feeling sad, and the tears just seem to flow. I dont want you to keep crying, you are shedding so many tears. We all come down to earth for a lifetime, but for some it's not many years. I haven't really left you even though it may seem so. I have just gone to my heavenly home, and i'm closer than you know. I know you long to see me, but there's nothing I can do. Just believe me when i say this, I'm right there next to you. I'll send you little messages, so please try and understand. For when your time is ready, I'll be there to take your hand.

Myra Dall

We are glad that Myra lived. We are glad that we saw her face and her smile. We will cherish the memories of her words and deeds and character and the kind and generous things she did and her concern and care for her family, her friendliness to other as a wife, a mum, a daughter, a sister and a friend.

Myra Dall

Thank you Myra

Thank you for all the good times and the happy memories

Thank you for all your friendship and your love

Thank you most of all Myra for just being you

You have filled your niche in this world and accomplished your tasks

And you leave this world, and all of us richer, because of you.

Rest now at the end of your days

Your work is done

Rest in the hearts and minds of all who love you

And if we can learn from her experience

And profit from her example

Perhaps we can live better lives for having known her

Myra Dall

Death is not the end and that we will meet Myra again one day. I know Myra believed that, that there something after death and we do hope and pray that she is at peace once more with her dad Jimmy who she missed very much and that one day, somehow, somewhere we will know her love and her kindness again.

Myra Dall

If Myra were here right now, wouldn’t she be telling us, in her own inimitable way, to stop all our greetin’ or words to that effect !! (You know the words we are talking about !!)

Myra Dall.