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A Service of Thanksgiving for
the life, love and faith of

Colin Simmons

27th August 1932 -
1st June 2005

Funeral Eulogy of 6th June 2005

Ever since Colin ’s sudden death last week, I know that many people have been recalling so many stories of Colin ’s humour, Colin ’s courage and Colin ’s laughter. Over these last few days we have, no doubt, all been thinking about Colin, and thinking of his wife Arlene, his 3 girls Claire, Joanna and Pamela, Colin ’s brothers and sister and his 8 grandchildren Stephanie, Louise, Michael, Luke, Jordan, Kyle, Harry and Eilidh. I guess that much of what we have been doing over these last few days has been simple sharing . Sharing of memories of Colin, sharing of tears, sharing of sadness, sharing perhaps of prayer and faith but hopefully amongst all this thinking and sharing over the last few days we have still managed to be happy and grateful to for all Colin did in his 72 years of life. I personally knew Colin because we were both daft enough to support Dundee United and sat close to each other in the George Fox stand. In our days on the terraces of Tannadice Park Colin and I may have inadvertently said the odd swear words but that was OK as we tried to keep the swearing limited to Dundee players and fans ! if anyone today was ever on the other side of our banter we aplogise. But you like me knew Colin so well. He is someone you loved very much. And that is why we are here today, to share and to offer thanks for all that Colin gave to us. And despite his Tangerine affiliations, Colin was a funny, happy and courageous man who fought back so well from his heart attack and stroke in 1994. After 1996 he very much lived his life to the full and had his go-cart that for some reason had an auto pilot that took him to the bookies and the bar at the Bowling Club. Despite the restrictions of his disability Colin brought and gave a great deal of pleasure and happiness to many people in Dundee, at the Bowling Club, Timex, NCR ,Victoria Hospital, Tannadice Park, the local bookies or even the local chippie which allegedly Colin would occsionally visit. So many people will miss Colin and that is why today is also a sad and difficult day
Yes there is sorrow, tears and sadness this day as we say our final farewells to Colin but amidst the tears there is strangely a sense of joy and hope that he is now safe and at peace and that one day we shall meet him again. He is at peace now, hopefully laughing and smiling gently in that way that so many of you here today knew and adored. This funeral service today is a time to give thanks , to thank Colin and all the love he showed in his life, to thank God for his wife Arlene, his 3 girls, and 8 grandchildren. Knowing Colin, I am sure that deep down inside somewhere he believed that death was not the end and that one day we shall meet him and his gentle smile again. We are here not just to mourn and cry for Colin today but also to celebrate his happy and courageous life - to commend Colin into the God that he privately knew in his own way and to most especially to ask for your continued help and support for Arlene and all the family through this sad time.
You all have your special memories of Colin, whether he was a fellow work mate, the father who gave you away at your wedding, the man you went to the football with, the big lad who made you laugh and smile, the husband you love or the son you cared for and today your loss is real that is why I read those words from the reading

When I am dead

Cry for me a little

Think of me sometimes

But not too much.

Think of me now and again

As I was in life

At some moments it's pleasant to recall

But not for long.

Leave me in peace

And I shall leave you in peace

And while you live

Let your thoughts be with the living.

When it come to occasions like today and we reflect upon Colin ’s life and goodness and the mystery of life and death, it is only right and fitting that we should ask for help and comfort . Colin was much loved but he was not a perfect saint. None of us is. Although we are not perfect, our hope is that one day we will meet Colin again and all of us will be made perfect; perfect in love, perfect in forgiveness and if in the meantime while we are temporality separated from Colin , we ever worry or feel anxious about this hope of meeting Colin again, let us just do what our reading asks us of ; and show our true love with the living who are here today - let us like Colin continue to bring love and happiness to each other; today and tomorrow.

Colin and his pet, Penny


Some touching memories

He was my life and one true friend

Arlene x

I will always take great pride in my dad, a man who cried at his daughter's wedding out of simple happiness

Claire x

Friday night's near will not be the same again, he was a true gent and will be sadly missed by many people

Stan and Cheryl- Strathmore Bowling Club

Colin had an amazing memory for jokes. This is one of the last one's I remember laughing at

A man went to see his doctor with severe constipation. "What do you normally eat?" the doctor asked him. "Snooker balls," the man replied. "Snooker balls?" the doctor asked in surprise. "Yes, snooker balls," the man replied. "For breakfast, I have the black and the blue. At lunch, I eat the reds and the pink and for supper I have the brown and the yellow." "Ah, I think I know your problem," the doctor said. "You're not eating enough greens."

Joe C - The Strathmore