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A Service of Thanksgiving for
the life, love and faith of

Trevor Phillips

11th September 1953 -
3rd November 2005

Trevor Phiilips - a tribute - Read by Neil Dorward

Trevor Phillips was born 52 years ago in Liverpool and even from his earliest days Trevor had an awful lot of items on his ‘to do list’ that he had to get through. In fact all through his life Trevor wrote hundreds upon hundreds of ‘to do’ lists and it is perhaps a pity that he didn’t buy a few shares in those little yellow ‘Post It’ notes – he’d be worth a fortune. Anyway back to Trevor’s ‘to do’ lists

Let’s think,

: Be a photographer – done that… I think I’ll make sunsets my speciality

: Aim to be a fine cook and entertainer – done that,

: Have a hidden skill as a great bar-b-q- er – done that one,

 : Sport…oh yes…cross country running, fishing, clay pigeon shooter, golf, judo…been there done  all  of that and won a few trophies in my time as well,         

 : A connoisseur of red wines now that was an essential on Trevor’s to do list,

 ; Astronomy – why not? let’s add that one…it is a marvelous thing for any human to appreciate the  beauty of creation and the stars even if it meant getting up at 4am in the morning as he normally did                                    

 : Opera singing…now did you know that Trevor had written that one down on his list…. indeed    Trevor applied for the Channel 4 TV programme Opera-tunity and had a fine voice and as a young lad once took a lead role in a production of The Pirates of Penzance : Caravan-ing…a very sensible thing to put on a to do list because then you can have quality time with yourself and the special people in your life

Which brings us to marriage and finding someone to love….that was top of Trevor’s ‘to do’ list, and, as was the norm with Trevor, he accomplished all the things that he wrote down on his numerous ‘to do’ lists. And I know that last week’s wedding to Gena was in many ways the greatest and finest item that he had successfully scored off on his ‘to do’ lists

Oh there were many other things that Trevor had written down and to be honest it is just not possible to tell every story about Trevor, we would be here all day. But he was a businessman and ran his own catering company ‘Prep Foods’, he loved to be the eternal optimist and he also had a wonderful, if not strange, sense of humour. I mean, not many people when they are rushed in an emergency ambulance to hospital and have the Forth Road Bridge closed for them, then wake up cheesed off because they were unconscious during the whole episode and never managed to enjoy the Police escort and 100mph high speed dash to Edinburgh. But that was Trevor.

We all know that Trevor endured a great deal of suffering and pain in his life and yet he was always so positive and optimistic, he was an amazingly generous and humourous man who gave so much to Gena, all the kids and so many others. Although a few days ago just before Trevor died, there was an incident where Trevor’s humour took them a wee bit by surprise. Gena and Angela were turning Trevor one evening, they thought that Trevor might have been slipping into a coma, anyway they were trying to comfort him and Angela was aware that the turning could be quite uncomfortable, so she simply said  ’ Listen Trevor, if this is uncomfortable or we are annoying you, just tell us to piss off’. So that is what Trevor said, politely of course, ‘Piss off’. These words were to be the very last words that Trevor spoke ‘Piss off’

Well we have news for you Trevor, we are never going to ‘piss off’, we are always going to remember you and love you, you won’t get rid of us that easily. Trevor was an amazing example. He coped so well with everything that was thrown at him in terms of illness, and although at times life was hard for Trevor he was thankfully surrounded by good loving people and I know that the happiness Trevor experienced in the last few years owes a great deal to Gena and all the family. But there were others. The nurses who showed great care to Trevor – especially Ruth and Tony, Dr Roddy Pattison, Trevor and Gena’s best man and bridesmaid Gary and Jane, Gena’s dad and step mum, Trevor’s brothers, Gena’s brother, all the in laws and out laws and many others.

Apparently there are only 3 things that Trevor never quite managed to achieve and tick off on his famous ‘to do’ lists. One was to obtain his glider pilots licence, two was to have expensive red wine given to him intravenously over the last few week of his life and three for all of us here today to acknowledge, as he himself often did, that life is too short to sleep. Life is for living, life is for loving and for the good and wonderful example of Trevor’s Phillips living and loving we give thanks this day.


One of Trevor's many beautitful photographs

Trevor Phillips

Trevor on his wedding day

Poems read at the service

The first lines of this reading are oh so true for Trevor, Gena and all the family, however, this reading that has been specially chosen by the family reminds us of the hope – the real hope that Trevor himself had that we will be reunited with Trevor one day because right now, as he is in peace, Trevor is waiting and praying for us

We’ve known the joy of pleasure,
At times endured some pain,
We’ve lived here in the sunshine,
And often walked in rain.

Although we’re separated,
And for a time apart,
I never will be lonely-
You’re forever in my heart.

Though death can seem so sudden,
And it is always sure,
What is oft’ forgotten-
It is not without a cure.

I’m living here in peace my love,
And here I’ll always be,
Death is but a journey,
you will return to me

There may be times you miss me,
I sort of hope you do,
But fear not my true darling,
I wait and pray for you.

Keep faith, keep hope, keep love, my friend-
It’s a simple way to grow,
Find peace, be happy, and live your life,
Miss me, but let me go.

Trevor Phillips

Not long after Gena and Trevor met and they knew that their hearts were destined for each other, Trevor took a calendar that he had in his house and wrote on it ‘life is now worth living because of Gena’. We are happy that Trevor found good love and friendship from Gena and all her family and friends and we hope and pray that this love they have will one day be reunited and together again in the peace and joy of heaven. We cannot and never will be separated from our love for Trevor. The beautiful thing about love is that love always unites.This poem reminds us that this love does not die.

It was beautiful as long as it lasted,
the journey of my life.
I have no regrets whatsoever save the pain I’ll leave behind.
Dear hearts who love and care me release your heavy souls,
hold strong those arms that held me up when my own strength let me down.
Each day of life can change a love feed on friendship, err on forgiveness.
At every turning of my life I came across good friends gifted treasure, heavenly music.
Love in death, love in life is part of the same universe.
Farewell, My friends, I smile and bid you goodbye
Shed no tears; For I need them not
All I need is for you to think of me sometimes;
and to live in the hearts of those you love