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Current Newsletter - Winter


If you are experience any form of strife or ‘storm’ in life, I invite you to learn from trees and how (and only how) trees can grow.

Have you seen the majestic Eden Project in Cornwall? Its stunning isn’t it? BUT did you know that the trees in the man-made biosphere like Eden are not really that strong and the reason is; there is no wind at the Eden Project and trees need wind to be at their strongest. They need the resistance of the wind to help strengthen their trunks. Without wind, trees are weak, and they fall.

According to what is happening at the Eden Project, no tree growth can occur unless there is the occasional storm. It is well known that in a sheltered environment like Eden, growth is often lush, 'sappy', and susceptible to breakage. On the other hand trees grown in highly windy areas show stunting and 'hard' growth.

We may postulate the there is a dose dependent response to wind. It seems in life we grow in the storms but at the same time we cannot take too many of them either and sometimes we need shelter and refuge from the storms.

Interestingly, a slight ruffle and occasional stronger breeze may be sufficient (depending on species) to produce growth. What happens in the breeze or the storm is that the plant leaf elicits a response by genetic expression of enzymes which reduce cell elongation and promote synthesis of protective chemicals. Some of the synthesized chemicals also promote root strengthening, and lignification of the trunk - and hence achieve a more balanced growth and endow the tree with greater strength and stability.

A similar experience happens when we take physical exercise. Physical exercise is good for you as it increases the levels of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, regular and at times intense exercise can combat depression, anxiety and is like a free happy pill. Regular exercise alleviates depression by raising heart rate which increases cardiovascular fitness and improves neurochemistry promoting neurogenesis (the birth of new brain cells). Which is growth.

If this is true in the life of trees and the life of our physical lives it can be argued that we need storms and agitation in all 4 areas of our life (physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual) in order to grow stronger and wise.

When the storm dies down look back at it, we may learn from the trees.

Take care - Neil