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Renewal Marriage Vows


Wedding Ceremonies/Renewal of Marriage Vows

Congratulations and well done, you have made a wonderful decision to have a tailor made wedding ceremony or ceremony to renew your wedding vows to each other. We hope you enjoy the process of creating your unique ceremony with us.

Can you conduct my wedding ceremony Neil?


Here are your marriage choices in Scotland as of 2017

1. Get married in a church by a minister/priest and sign the legal documents in the church on the wedding day. You will have limited scope on how the service will be constructed.

2. Get married by a Humanist (Atheist) or Pagan Officient and sign the legal documents on the day of the wedding in a select number of venues and again there will be some limitations on how the service is constructed eg. definately no mention of religion in a Humanist service. You have some scope to have the wedding you want but not total freedom.

3. Get married in the registry office or a select number of venues approved by the registrar, you get married by a council registrar, you sign the legal papers on the day but definately no mention of God and there will be some restriction on how the service is constructed.

4. Get married by an Independent Celebrant like myself and have any kind of service you want in any location you want with absolute no restrictions what so ever in terms of music/readings/symbols/vows/blessings. But in order for such a service to take place, you have to conduct the legal paperwork yourself. In other words, you and your partner and 2 witnesses go the the registry office on the morning of the wedding or maybe the day before have a 5 minute legal service, you sign the papers then later on that day or evening or maybe the next day you invite all your guests to celebrate the wedding that you want. This is what Jade Goody did.

This is actually what happens in most European countries. The couple have a short legal service then move on to the place where the ceremony/celebration takes places.

Many people do not know you can do this - but you can have any kind of service you want.

Ask yourself - what is it you want? What is the most important part of the day - the signing of the
documents or the ceremony you created?

I conducted a beautiful Celtic wedding recently with lots of Celtic symbols like the tying of hands, drinking from the quaich etc The service I offer in effect is not concerned with the legal aspect but you do get exactly the kind of service you want.



After 5,10, 25 years of marriage some people feel a need to celebrate. These couples are saying to each other:

“I love you differently to the way I loved you on our wedding day, but I want you to know that my commitment to you is just as strong and may even be stronger than it ever was, because of what we have shared together.”

Your Renewal of Marriage Vows ceremony can be formal or very relaxed. It expresses what you want to say about your relationship now. It is a celebration of staying in love and staying married.
There is no legal paperwork. After meeting with Neil, he compose a personalised that ceremony that reflects the path your lives have taken you upon. The ceremony also involves a choice of music, poetry and readings appropriate for the occasion. The ceremony is created from your past, present and future, renewing the vows you exchanged on your wedding day and pledges for the future.
It is a good idea to take time and think carefully about the options that are appropriate and have meaning for you both. The special people in your lives can take part in your ceremony; your children, guests who were at your wedding and particular friends etc.

What might the ceremony look like?

A Renewal of Marriage Vows ceremonies may contain any or all of the following:

  • Introduction and welcome
  • Acknowledgement of any children of the marriage
  • Readings
  • Poetry
  • Renewal of marriage vows
  • Rededication of ring(s)
  • Giving of new ring(s) or gift(s)
  • Renewal of personalised vows
  • Messages from previous marriage guests (often the best man, bridesmaids or bride's father)
  • Special music
  • Signing of commemorative certificate and closing words

How to prepare for your ceremony

1. The first step is to talk about how you would like the ceremony to be and if you want to write your own Renewal of Marriage Vows. If you do, ask yourself if you want to use the same vows from the wedding or do you wish to write new updated vows.
2. In order to help you write your vows, reflect on your years together (write down your feelings as you reflect).

Think about the past ; the highlights you experienced in those years (a favorite Christmas or holiday, a child being born, a child getting married, a special holiday etc.). What role did your ‘other half’ play in these good times? What specific memories do you have of your spouse at these moments? What feelings do these memories conjure up? Can you remember a time when you and your spouse laughed the hardest together? How did you feel about your spouse at that moment? Think about the lowlights in those years (a death, illness, loss, etc.) How did your spouse support you during these tough times? Were you able to forgive each other in all situations? Can you remember a time when you had no money. Can you remember a time when you were extremely ill?

Think about your future together: What are your hopes and dreams? What do you want to do differently than you have in the past? What do you want to continue to do the same?

3. How else might you personalise the ceremony? Will you invite the same best man/ bridesmaid? Would you like you children to be involved in a reading? Would you like to have your original wedding album available for others to see and ask your guests to bring their wedding photos?

Writing your own renewal of marriage vows

Neil will help you write memorable personalised marriage vows. The vows will have the greatest meaning if you part write them yourselves. Remember, when you write your wedding renewal vows, a vow is a pledge or promise. You may want these new vows to reflect things you have learned together or future dreams as you move forward in your lives together.

The ring finger of the left hand, the side of the body that holds the heart, was chosen for the wedding band because for centuries people believed there was a vein that ran directly from that finger to the heart. They also believed that the words spoken during the placing of the wedding band would resonate over and over again through the heart and soul of the giver and receiver. Therefore these rings celebrate not only the past, but hold the promise of your continuing journey.