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The word 'bespoke' essentially means 'tailor made or 'personalised'. One of the unique and personalised aspects of a civil funeral conducted by Bespoke Civil Ceremonies is that we keep you constantly invloved in the creation of the service.

Here is a selection of our recent comments

"You came into our family and showed great compassion and made it so easy for us to relax and talk about dad and remember the good times. Even when we did get that bit emotional you carried us through. What a brilliant tribute you delivered."
S M Kirkcaldy

"I don't think anyone could have done a better job of delivering such a personal tribute,
so thank you with all my heart."
F E Leven

"Since the funeral I have had many of the people who attended tell me that it was one of the nicest service`s that they have been to."
M M Dunfermline

"We cannot thank Neil enough, although we were 12,000 miles away in New Zealand, we were still involved and helped create the funeral service for our gran. Neil is a patient man who calmly understood our needs."
D D - Hamilton, New Zealand

"Everyone I spoke to thought the service was really fitting. It was all about my mum and that’s what mattered. … how it was composed and delivered made the difference."
M R Glenrothes

"I have been to many funerals in my life but this service was one of the best I have ever been to."
H G Kirkcaldy

"Can I just say what a beautiful service you conducted. Although you didn't know my father, the way in which your words came across sounded as though you did and that was most important to myself and my sister. I have not been to many funerals but reflecting on my mother's has always been difficult for me as it was flawed in many ways but you certainly did us proud. Your personal touches have helped me especially through a difficult time. So many came up to me at the funeral tea remarking kindly on your service -I am sure your name will be remembered."
Lorraine Forsyth

"Neil's warm and friendly service were quite exceptional, the funeral service was just as mum would have wanted, personal and celebratory in a rather dignified way. My brother, a Captain in the Black Watch stated the funeral service was first class, relevant and so touching."
John Gilfillan

"We are very pleased with the services of Neil Dorward. Neil’s home visit was very interesting and he was able to provide us with a copy of his sermon by email a few days before the funeral, enabling us to check everything. This meant that dad’s service was just right and this was a great comfort to us. I would be happy to recommend Neil to anyone."
JK, Kirkcaldy

"I wanted to thank you for providing such a compassionate and well thought out service for my mum. Indeed, your accuracy and attention to detail led many people to assume that you had known my mum before she had passed away. I am of the opinion that no other could have achieved such an assumption, you are very good at your job. I take real comfort from the fact that her funeral service was as close to what she would have wanted."
Iona Richardson.          

"Just a short note to thank you for the card you sent. Myself and my brother Alastair were moved that you wouldnot only remember but, that you would go to the trouble. Since Pete's funeral I have had many of the people who attended tell me that it was one of the nicest service'`s that they have been to. Thank you once again for giving Pete the service that he wanted."
Moray & Alastair Maker.

"Just a wee note to say thank you for you wonderful service. We have had a lot of come back about your service and everyone said it was excellent and just Kevin. Thank you once more for your excellent service."
Maread, John and David Yates

"Just a brief note to thank you for all your work in helping us through the funeral service on Thursday. You spoke as if you had been an old family friend and that is indeed how we think of you now."
Deanne & Giles

"My family and I would like to thank you for the great service you did for our Dad. We couldn't have asked for more. So many people - and we don't know the half of who was at the Crematorium -said what a great service it was. They thought you actually knew Dad and they wanted to know who you were. One person said they had never smiled in the Crematorium but that day they actually laughed. And that was exactly what we wanted.  The service was lovely. Dad couldn't have had a better send off."

"I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the card you sent the month after you did our dad's funeral in Kinross. In a week where all I seemed to get were inappropriate offers of advice from 'inheritance tax specialists' and the like, it was lovely to get something which showed the more human side of the whole thing. My brother and I were really pleased you were there and thought the service at the grave yard was exactly what we wanted.
Angela Dunn

"Dear Neil, very many thanks for this. Markus and I think you have done a super job; you
have captured the spirit of our mother expertly."

"Neil- we wanted to thank you for the wonderful tribute you put together for our dad. We were very happy with the funeral service - was much more of a celebration of my dad's life than we had thought possible. The photos added a lot to the service and added interest to the reception at the King Malcolm afterward."
DT, Dunfermline

"I would like to thank-you very much for the lovely service on Tuesday. Your work on the writing and delivery of the service was first class. Thank-you very much once again."

"Hi Neil, Just a wee note to say thank you for all your help in getting us through the funeral. The service you provided from start to finish made a big difference to us all on the final day. Many people commented after the funeral how reflective it was of my father - 'it was your dad to a tee' was the favoured saying.. My mother was especially pleased. Once again thank you for the service you gave us could not have wished for better."
Mike Brown

"We are extremely pleased how you have captured the essence of our wee maw. You were pretty spot on."

"On behalf of my Mother and all of the family,i would like to thank you for the really lovely service you conducted at my Fathers Funeral. Everyone we spoke to all agreed it was a very touching ceremony, and one that befitted my Father. We are all very pleased with the way the whole service went and in my mind we couldn’t have given my Father a better tribute. It was a service that had all the elements that I was hoping for and it was conducted with dignity and made me feel very proud of my Father, and told of his life in a style he would have approved off."

"Thanks very much for what you've done - the humour throughout is good and quite spot on! This was a beautiful and moving service for my mum. Several people remarked to me yesterday on what a lovely service it was. It's a very sad time for us obviously but I wanted to bring a smile to people who knew her, as I know that's what she would have wanted and I don't think anyone could have done a better job of delivering such a personal tribute, so thank you with all my heart. Once again many thanks for your constant attention, effort and sentiment."
Norma Foster

"So many people have commented on the service and how it was delivered, especially the fact that although it was a sad for everyone, your service was very touching, moving and personal. I am sure that Stuart would have been happy that there were laughs, as well as tears, from everyone who attended."
Angela Macdonald

"This is just a wee note to say a great big thank you for the way you helped us say that final farewell to our dad. You came into our family and showed great compassion and made it so easy for us to relax and talk about dad and remember the good times. Even when we did get that bit emotional you carried us through. We all felt that we'd helped to contribute and were included in his final send off. Where normally we would have been sombre and heavy- hearted we felt happy to talk about him and inherit some of his genes. Although sad that he'd left us we were finally ready to let him go. What a brilliant tribute you delivered. The amount of people who said to us afterwards that that was the first time they'd been to that type of ceremony and that they'd thought it was really so like dad, beggars belief. They thought it was a lot more personal than the usual type of ceremony and have also asked who you were. We were more than happy to pass on the information and that when the need arises they will seek you out. Once again Neil thank you for your professionalism in the way you managed to make it easy for us both before and during the day of the funeral. It was a day we will never forget as instead of usual sadness that is felt I think we all left the ceremony with a smile on our faces."
Evelyn Turner.